Let’s get High

In Essence everything is energy and has a frequency, every single object, person, plant or animal has his or her own frequency.
The Wise know this as well as the Scientists.
Nothing is vast even though it looks this way. We are made out of cells, which are made of atoms, and they are made out of particles, and these particles are in fact vibrating energy.
Everything, whether a person or a chair is in the end empty space when you dissect it. This explains why you can attract things and feel emotions of others and also why, with some training, people can move objects.

We as human beings have our own energy and thus frequency. Whenever we feel low or when we are mad, thinking negative thoughts, our frequencies tend to be lower. Whenever we feel love, gratefulness and pure joy our frequencies are higher. Naturally when our frequencies are high we’ll feel better and even healthier. We can Consciously Create these frequencies so this is something to become Aware of. For decades people have been focusing on thinking positive thoughts, which helps a little but we can not surpass the negative and darker thoughts and feelings by ignoring it. When we actually face it All with our Consciousness whether it is positive or negative it Neutralizes and the dark becomes less powerful and sometimes even disappears..

However let’s not make the ‘mistake’ that U have to push yourself into higher frequencies. Sometimes feelings of sadness or madness are there because they need to BE there.
The art is to make a distinction between an emotion that needs space or a thought that wants to be entertained, when this is the case we can become aware of it and come back to our breath. Away from our head and into our body. When we have an emotion that needs to be heard then let it Be there. When we embrace this feeling the frequency will be high because it comes from a place of love, when we resist it we will then lower our frequency.

Now that the World is in Chaos we can easily get caught up in the madness, in battle, in lies, in anger and in the division of humanity. Even when we have the best intentions, if we’re not Deeply grounded in our Consciousness our Vibe will be low because we see the Darkness around us and we can feel lost in the midst of it all. When we are living Life from the Truth, our Soul and our Heart will be able to Carry this much more because you KNOW nothing out there can really harm our Core.

Everything on Earth is connected, and now for the first time the whole world is dealing with the same pandemic and thus challenge, this means that humanity as a whole has a frequency. That it is why it is important to raise our frequencies for it will literally shift the planet to a higher consciousness. In other words we will become more mature, loving, caring and giving and live more consciously. When we are in fear we tend to fight, play the blame game, distance ourselves from others and get caught in overthinking.
When we do this as a large group we will lower the frequency on earth. Raising your frequency has always been essential for the wellbeing of yourself and others around you but now, more so than ever, it is important for the Whole world and yes U really do have influence, every person u touch can touch another and so reach millions of people.

Frequencies can be measured in Hz and what is also utterly Amazing is that these vibrations have geometric forms, especially those which are high, and they can be seen through Sound in Water, Sand and Light:

Cymatics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3oItpVa9fs&t=208s
Sand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvJAgrUBF4w&t=151s
Water: https://youtu.be/ftoFKlTcYEc
Light: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iD6XUSyFN_A

We are made out of 70% water, so imagine..

The earth has her own natural frequency which is 432Hz. Many instruments and songs are aligned with this. We come from the Earth and her heartbeat resonates with us.
One of the reasons why music feels so good is because it brings us to our Essence, we leave our heads and we often become ONE with the music just like with dance, it is no longer about the end or beginning, we’re completely captivated in the moment.

Prayer and Meditation work exceptionally well, when we do so parts in our brain lift up.
We are literally vibing higher and we are in
our Deeper state of Being.

We can also raise our frequency by:

Wholesome Organic foods from the earth
The ‘right’ music, especially Sound baths, i will share more about this in a next post
Essential oils which are highly concentrated
Nature and all of her songs, birds, wind, falling leaves
Yoga or Chi Gong or other movement with breathwork
Cuddling our loved ones and pets
The light of the Sun
Singing, Dancing, Play, Painting or anything else that makes you come to the NOW

It also explains why we love Flowers so much, their vibration is incredibly high, simply Divine in my opinion..🌸

Higher frequencies have also been proven to protect yourself from sickness. When the frequency becomes 528hz or higher the body begins to heal itself, it may sound absolutely crazy but is even scientifically proven so: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4010966/

These are the well known Solfeggio frequencies and their associated properties:

396 Hz: liberation from negative feelings
417 Hz: transformation and fixing broken situations
528 Hz: miracles and DNA repair
639 Hz: interpersonal relationships
741 Hz: solving problems, solutions, creative expression
852 Hz: spiritual enlightenment

And when we live an Awakened life, we naturally vibe higher,
this is felt by you and others..
Definitely a place where we want to BE.. 🙏

Personally I rather not use words like frequencies and vibrations because u can just FEEL it. It is KNOWING that doesn’t need (complicated) words. But in a way and for some, it is good to see that it is backed up in science.

Let this be an Invitation to explore that what is Invisible,
for her Answers can be heard in the Wind..

Roxane Young 

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