How can we Carry the Darkness around us

For months I’ve been taking you into the Darkness and U have seen the darkest of the Dark. It was Heavy, immensely Sad and we have been shaken to our Core, but we know that this was necessary for people to Wake up to the Truth. The Darkness has casted a spell on us and most of us were unaware of this.. but for this to be true, the Light must be just as True as well.. and on a Deeper level, this is the only Truth.. for the rest is an illusion, a path mistaken but a duality we must endure here on our time on earth. The Light has always been with us but has been doven by the Shadow which was around us. People have fallen into a Deep sleep and have forgotten how to truly live life the way it was meant to be lived..

The Truth and the Wisdoms of the World have been locked up in our Hearts and we were not aware that we had the keys.. We’ve learned to live Material lives mainly directed by our Head and our thoughts. Living this way has made us forget the most important thing of all, our Soul. This is our Essence, our truest Being and it will last forever, our bodies are temporary and yet this has become our main focus. A life lived without Soul can feel empty, superficial, and like a yearning without an end. When we realise who we really are, thus not thy name, identity or anything material, U start to become a human BEING, u become Conscious, U become fully Alive again.. You will begin to notice and feel the Invisible world and you will realise that this is not a belief but a deep deep Knowing..

With all the Chaos, the Suffering and the Sickness of the Darkness around us it can be overwhelming and heartbreaking. It is so painful to see how far people have drifted off from the Source and to see the World splitting in two camps. The World has always been in battle but now more than ever because it involves Everyone, and Everything is coming out to the surface for it is the Darkest and Lightest of times.


Alignment means U are connected to the Source, God, to your Being, your Deepest and Truest self, it is where we feel Calm, Peace and Stillness even in the midst of a Storm..

When you’re in need for Answers, Love, Forgiveness, Warmth, Peace or Comfort this is the place to go. If we stay stuck in our thoughts and try to think it out or if we want others to change, we will be confronted with the fact that a lot is out of our control.
When we Align, solutions, answers and a feeling of deep Peace come to us, we are Receiving rather than Getting it done Our way. When we have the right vibration it affects everything around us, when we’re stuck in low vibrations we are at War with ourselves and the World around us cause if we focus on the outside, the problems, the numbers, the lies and millions of opinions it becomes madness, also inside of us..

We Align mostly when we are Meditating or Praying, they immediately bring us to the Source. We can also Align with Music, Sound or Creativity but it is mostly recognized by becoming aware of your breath, this is your peace and Life itself..

When tuned in, life will be lived from the perspective of the Soul and Presence takes over.. Your Soul is very Aware of the temporary things around us and thus it can stay Centered.
Like a Big Old Tree who will stay standing even with all the leaves and branches that are falling off in the Wind..
From this place U will also elevate others around you, for they will recognize this Being in themselves. This is also why Waking up is Crucial in these times..

In the beginning U will have to remind yourself but once we Awaken, it will take over life, your Heart literally takes over, she will lead and You will be glad to follow, no matter what happens out there, within you is an Everlasting peace and in Alignment we FEEL what we need to do, we don’t need to think much about it, you’ll be guided by this Innerwisdom and it will be Undeniable. It moves you from the Core to wherever it needs to go..

Wherever it is dark in You or out there in the World, it needs your Light.
All the world needs Now is people who remember their Light and are not afraid to Shine it.. ✨
If U are alive today U were born to do so..

Now more than ever, when our freedom is taken down bit by bit it becomes more important to Align. It is beautiful to fight for our Freedom in every way, but throughout this journey and even if All fails, it is good to know there is a place where you are always Free..

Roxane Young 💛

and remember.. It is always Darkest before Dawn.. 

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