Life like a Picknick..

I made a list of all the things u can do with your children and it is a BIG list, playgrounds, restaurants for children, amusement parks, animal farms u name it and we have seen a lot of it, and they love it BUT I discovered that I’m not so much into manmade ‘fake’ happiness. I really just love to spend time in Nature but then with food of course.. cause without food is without life.. for me 🙂

So in the past year I’ve invested some in picknick attributes like blankets, wooden cups, foldable chairs which U will not see in the pictures cause that ain’t pretty enough 😉

When I tell my children we’re out to see the Woods they’re not always excited but when we are there they become ONE with the Trees, the water, the sand, the dogs and other animals found, we can spend hours there and from what I heard is that children should spend hours every day in nature for so many reasons like for improving their motor skills, to unload from all things from life and to appreciate all that Nature has to offer and in this case what Mama has to offer

Picknick Essentials:

A (beautiful) blanket
A Picknick basket
Some thermos bottles with fresh mint and honey
Water and or fresh juices
Some nuts like pistachios
Fruit like, cantaloupe, grapes, pears, figs
Healthy granola muffins
and some fresh flowers if U want to make it real pretty
maybe a bolderwagen to carry it all
a book for you.. so we can read 2 or 3 minutes before we get interrupted again

There is truly no other place where I rather spend time with my big babies and every minute I can take away from screens, I will take it 😉

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