The Untamed

Here we are, with our bare feet on Mother Earth
Remembering our Song again
After being lost for a long time
We’ve started to Sing again
We’ve started to Dance
to the Rhythm of the Earthbeat

Unable to be Tamed
and to Obey by any rule
but only to listen to the Deepest part of our Heart..
For she is our Guide in the midst of it all
and there for those who’ve taken the fall

The Wild ones were never made to fit in
With a Spirit so free
and yet with the Calmness of the depths of the Sea
and with a Breath of Fire
We will realise our Heart’s desire..

With the Wisdom of our Ancestors running through our Veins
We are answering the Calling
We’re here to take each other Home
a place where we truly belong..
Our Hearts more connected than ever
Our Tribe bigger than ever
No matter what the world brings upon us, trying to break us apart, from source, from nature and each other but
WE STILL REMEMBER the truth in all and we are here to stand tall
for we will come Home for once and for all..

Roxane Young 🤍

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