Time has come to UNITE

To all my Brothers and Sisters who
have felt they were an outcast
like they were trapped in a World which
was chasing an Illusion
never really knowing what to do
with your time and life
never a sheep but to be perceived
a Black Sheep
You are still standing
all the ridicule, being laughed at
maybe only a handful can hear U
and You may have lost a few on the way
and yet U stand in your Truth

U have felt it all along, True Nature, the Divine, the Essence of Life itself..
Your Sensitivity, Clarity and your Intuition
are there for a reason
Your life had to become so Dark for us to remember the Light
and now the Fire in your Heart
shines incredibly Bright
For U have become a Warrior
and are ready to fight..
with the weapons of Peace, Love and Light..

Hardship taught u Calmness,
Patience, and Embraceness..
It was all a Blessing in disguise
U’ve learned who U really are and
why U’re Here..
U may not have chosen this path
but is has Chosen You
U have already been through
the Dark night of the Soul
that’s why U can See and Carry the Darkness which is all around us
Be patient with the people whom can’t see,
just turn up your Light and Vibration,
so it becomes easier for them to See..

And know that u are not alone, Millions of others have the same mission
and are right beside U
like members of a Wolfpack
The Wolves have begun to Howl
We as a Nation have the Power to
shift the World if we Unite
We will make History
We are raising the Consciousness

U are being called to create a new reality
one that was already ours
but we have forgotten
the World has fallen asleep
become Aware, Awake and Aligned
Your time is NOW
I Bow to you, I am with You
and I Deeply Love U..

Roxane Young🖤

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