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Hulde aan de Complot Theorist

Voor alle Warriors die met mij mee strijden voor de Waarheid.Ik wil jullie uit ’t DIEPST van mijn Hart danken want deze taak is alles behalve makkelijk. Voor de meesten van ons is dit ook niet een favoriete bezigheid maar een noodzaak omdat we…

Her Poems

Time has come to UNITE

To all my Brothers and Sisters whohave felt they were an outcastlike they were trapped in a World whichwas chasing an Illusionnever really knowing what to dowith your time and lifenever a sheep but to be perceiveda Black SheepYou are still standingall the ridicule,…


Let’s get High

In Essence everything is energy and has a frequency, every single object, person, plant or animal has his or her own frequency.The Wise know this as well as the Scientists.Nothing is vast even though it looks this way. We are made out of cells,…


The Awakening

We hear it all around us NOW..We need to Wake up…As I see it there are 2 ways of waking up, one way is through knowledge, which is desperately needed now that we all face the same challenges worldwide and the other is a…